An ideal parent

Discuss the qualities you would look for in an ideal parent.

Parents play an integral role in ensuring that their children would be living in a healthy family. They hold the responsibility of nurturing and bringing up their children in a right way. Children look up to them and thus, parents are the most influential figures. Indeed, most children regard them as their role models and in view of this, it is crucial for parents to inherit good qualities.

First and foremost, I strongly believed that an ideal parent should be committed. This quality should already be implanted before marriage because a parent should realise that he or she would carry the burden of taking care of the children’s well-being; for instance, in terms of providing emotional and financial supports. A parent who is not committed would not be willing to fulfill his or her duty as a parent and this would result in a downfall of the family. He or she would then opt for a divorce and this would leave a significant impact on the family. Family condition would deteriorate as single parenthood is not efficient and hebce children would suffer eventually.

Secondly, an ideal parent should be understanding. an understanding parent is one who is supportive and shows consideration towards the children’s decisions and views. In addition, a parent should be reasonable and know how to anticipate any situation. A parent should accept his pr her children for who they are and not to put so much hopes and expectations on them. This is to prevent the children from feeling upset and make them feel as though they are being pressurized.

Thirdly, being firm and well-disciplined are essential qualities an ideal parent should have. To develop a child to be a well-behaved and well-mannered individual, a parent should corect a child’s wrongdoings so that useful values could be instilled into the child. A parent should never be too leniant towards a child, so much so that, the child becomes too pampered and may become complacent. The phrase, “spoil the rod and you spoil the child” it thus true to a certain extent. an ignorant parent would create an ignorant child. This child would then be making mistakes through his or her life and this may result in a self-destruction to the family. That is why, a parent must guide the children to the right path so that they would enjoy a bright future ahead.

Last but not least, a parent must be caring and fun. It is important for a parent to place family as the top priority. There will be ramifications if a parent is too inclined in his or her career, which leaves hardly sufficient time for a family to bond together. Therefore, family ties will be weaken. In addition to this, it is the children who suffers the most in the end. Children will feel neglected and they would not receive enough love and attention from their parents. As a result, they may indulge themselves into crimes and other undesirable behaviors such as smoking, drimking and premarital sex. All these resulted from the lack of family time together, which inevitably leads children seeking ways to grab their parent’s attention. Thus, in order to overcome this problem, a parent can organise family outing once in a while to foster stong family ties as well as to show the children that care about them. This would mean a lot to the children.

In conclusion, I have discussed the four qualities an ideal parent should possess through the emphasis on their importance to establish a healthy family and also the possible negative outcomes that will be faced without those four essential qualities. 


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