Essay outline:’ Modern technology has created more problems than solutions in society.’

  1. Society today has enjoyed the benefits of having modern technology. They are blessed with sophisticated tools, which could perform to what seemed to be an impossible task in the past, like purchasing goods online and retrieving information in just a matter of seconds. These have helped to solve problems of having to go out to purchase or to search for information. However, these luxuries often come with unforseen and undesirable consequences, which defeat the very objective of having modern technology in the first place. For every solution it provides, twice as many problems are likely to arise. Therefore, modern technology can be seen as more of a bane than a boon.
  2. Human abuse on modern technology.

A. Taking advantage of internet.

1. Illegal downloads

B. Provide an accessible medium for bad elements.

1. Pornography

2. Crimes involving illegaly retrieving personal particulars such as credit card numbers.

3. Computer virus.

       3.  Effects of automobile

A. Pollution

B. Congestion

     4.    Pressure on the poorer society.

A. Crimes involving theft ( handphones)

     5.    Change in human behavior.

A. Too dependent on modern technology.

B. Being too materialistic and competitive.

C. Lack of face-to-face communication.

     6.    In conclusion, although modern technology has provided many convenience in our lives, it poses more problems such as being exposed to the effects of human abuse on modern technology and automobile, possibility of being pressurised, and being too dependent and materialistic. Hence, the society must be aware of the possible ramifications they might face so that they can avoid those problems in the future.

One Response to “Essay outline:’ Modern technology has created more problems than solutions in society.’”

  1. Ms Koh Says:


    thanks for your post. Outline looks fine, although you should have elaborated on the A, B, C points.

    You must remember to link A, B and C points when you do attempt the essay.

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